eyes are ears and other myths

This article is lovely, especially in regards to my own conversations on expanding the dominant paradigm versus forcing autistic individuals to conform to one that is unnatural and quite frankly unhealthy for us.

a diary of a mom

Last night, I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page:

Oh, Brooke. I’m so sorry. I saw that worksheet that came home in your backpack. The one on which you’d so diligently parroted back the lessons about what’s necessary to convince people that you’re listening to them, writing in “eye contact” so neatly, right there on the line.

I promise I’ll talk to your teachers, kiddo. We’ll make sure that they all know what it means to “respect your autistic identity,” just like it says in your IEP.

You see some people – a lot of people – have, well .. I guess a kind of disability. For some reason, they perceive eyes as ears. I know that sounds bizarre, baby, but it’s a very real challenge for a lot of us. Even for your mama.

You see, we don’t have the same innate ability that you do to understand…

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