Preliminary Results

Some preliminary research on Aphantasia for the curious.

Caitlin M Stewart

We have some of the first results from our aphantasia survey! It’s pretty exciting, but definitely just the start.

Our survey is slightly adapted version of the one created by Dr. Zeman at the University of Exeter, who has been researching the condition and coined the term “aphantasia”. We wanted to have a look at the prevalence of aphantasia with a larger sample size and used various social media networks to get people to fill in our survey.

Defining ‘aphantasia’ as having a score less than 30, we see approximately 4.3% prevalence, higher than the previous estimates of 2-3%. Our distribution looks similar to the one produced by Dr. Zeman with the exception of the last two bars in our graph (>70), where we have found a higher prevalence of people with “hyperphantasia”, or extreme vividness, but we believe this is due to how our participants were selected – largely…

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