Quick Update…Moving and water damage.

I know the pages have been silent of late, just moved into a new place and the very first weekend had a pipe go and flood the basement, which is also being used as my office, so my computer has been put up someplace nice and dry for the last week. Add in how difficult it is for me to adjust to new settings, I have just not been in a great place to tend towards my writing.  But rest assured the whole two people who regularly read me, I will eventually be back to writing, some very interesting new research on telomeres in urban populations (shortened by stress and adversity) that I want to tackle, but will probably forget. Sorry again for the extended silence.


One thought on “Quick Update…Moving and water damage.

  1. jaredmills says:

    Well all two of us are always happy to hear from you no matter how infrequent. Best of luck in the new surroundings and with the flooding.


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