An Impossible plug…for a website

So, I tend to avoid sharing links to things that interest me, I am really not sure why, since I do not profit at all from this endeavor it is not like I have a bunch of ulterior motives.  So, for those who read this but are interested in lending a hand through their own endeavors, or getting some assistance with their endeavors, I wanted to point out a website founded by British Model and Actress Lily Cole called Impossible.  The reason for this is simple, it illustrates nicely one of the points I made in my exploration of the notion of an endeavorist approach to an economic system.  We cannot always quantify with financial exchanges the value of human endeavor, this site helps connect folks who value their endeavors and self-growth.  In particular, those of us who do not fit well into the dominant paradigm often have trouble showing our value, of fostering our own interests when we cannot sell ourselves to the HR hiring automaton, or when so many places rely on rigid standards of credentialing to determine someone’s value.  Impossible is a stepping stone for great ideas or folks who just want to help, it is a place one could test the waters for their ideas, and there is great individual and social value in this.  So I felt it worthy of sharing, I am enjoying playing around with it, have already found some great music, help discuss with someone how to forgive, but also touched on the topic of being safe and cautious when forgiving someone in a domestic violence scenario.  These things have meaning, even without a price tag attached to it, and I feel it is worth taking this bit of time to promote something that has vast potential.  Well, that is all, holy heck a short post, who would have imagined me capable of such a thing.


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