New perspective on a small detail about Autism

I have since expanded my understand, such as through the writings of John Elder Robison, so this applies to how my brain is wired, but there are differences in many with ASD’s.

So watching the TED talk Video by Temple Grandin (Link)today got me thinking, and I am not unfamiliar with Temple’s work, but I was having trouble myself chewing on a small but important piece of what I am trying to bring together here logically. This comes back to the social awkwardness seen in autism spectrum disorders.  Now, I still stand by my qualitative understanding of very logical minds being naturally more adept in reading, without realizing it, micro-expressions and body language. But, for many well adapted logical minds, there is not as much of an issue with body language and directed communication being problematic, I am sure the intuition functions for seeing lying and such are pretty good still.  So the piece I was missing was right in front of me, one of the defining characteristics of the autistic mind, hyper-sensory factors come into play.  So the social communication breakdown does exist, but not as a function of an inability to read micro-expressions and body language, but by the over valuing or under valuing of body language.  I think in most environments this is not going to manifest as particularly harmful at all, just some difference that can be worked on. But the correlation goes a bit further, it also connects to me the notions of the origins of some somatoform illness, and if an autistic child stops trusting their body language because people find it strange, odd, or demean it, etc.  It becomes internalized fault, the body begins to be more clumsy, more awkward, when you keep your body in check because you do not trust how it betrays your thoughts or folks with mis-interpret it, and hyper-vigilance sets in, it gets pretty bad for some of us, pretty quick.  So I do not want this to continue on too long, I am still trying to connect this back to a few other things, but I did not want to lose this thought.  There is a tremendous amount of difference amongst autism spectrum, Temple’s break down seems adequate, but even those categories are really not feeling as solid as that. Temple has a very strong basis on the various manipulations of sensory data, I think connecting it back to logical thinking, and my gut, so only half formed hypothesis at best, still makes me feel that it is going to be prospecting/expansionistic minds (nope, it is is official I hate the expansionistic/reductionist pairing, it will be changed shortly). I believe we are seeing just some human extreme, that might go unnoticed as being a serious difference in another time and space. Well, gonna keep chewing on this, but worth contemplating at the very least, even if I discard some other things later as I refine, verify, and improve my thoughts on the subject.


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