Keene Pumpkin festival, my backyard…and some Ferguson.

Decided to go topical here today, because folks have this fresh in their minds and we continue to see the breakdown between the population, especially youth and the police force. Here is a link to get folks up to date on Keene, Nh.

If folks would stop holding onto false dichotomies and bullshit internalized faulty thinking, we could actually get past this freaking mess, productively. But as long as we devalue each other, hold onto false notions of what the other group wants, we will continue to fail to communicate, and as folks get more angry, more frustrated, the communication continues to break down, we cannot find parity in our thoughts at all, and that means we cannot find true understanding or compromise, just more rigid restrictions, more devaluing of different ways of thinking and different ways of finding joy.  But the problem is in both the police and those opposing them, and it is rampant, there are many folks I know who will no longer tell their children to trust the Police, even I can be hesitant, I tend to direct my daughter to people in the fire department or emergency services, why? Because once my daughter is no longer a cute little girl, the intense opposition and lines in the sand, will make her an “other” to the police, because like me, my daughter does not think like the dominant paradigm, we do not flourish in a black and white, dour, compartmentalized world that makes sense to empirical ways of thinking, and the police at this time are a bastion for empirical thinking, black and white, frustration and confusion over why the populations police have sworn to protect say they are not doing so and find them harmful.  And it is because of faulty context and false dichotomies, profiling and stereotyping. To me, the true tragedy in Ferguson, Mo was not whether or not Darren Wilson feared for his life, it is the fact he did, almost without a doubt fear for his life, and that is the issue folks, the fact that we still cannot facilitate a conversation, our Police forces are probably closer to being riddled with complex PTSD than most people think, day in and day out they deal with real possible threats and still have to make a choice to go home and see their families, and often that choice is expedient and violent, because hypervigilance inflates how one views probability,makes you become reactionary instead of pro-active, rigid in your interpretation and deliverance of the tremendous amount of laws binding folks day to day actions.  For those who are fighting back against the hold of the dominant paradigm, the Police are not a force to protect and serve, they are the strong arm of a rigid societal way of thinking. This is further worsened by the lack of transparency, the fraternal bonds that bind the police force also keep people at bay. Police officers often show enclaving behaviors themselves, sticking to small circles, going to other localities to have a beer, because they do not need the stress of running into someone they arrested. Our police, sacrifice a lot of themselves in order to do what they think is right, and if we cannot talk about it outside of the fraternal order, outside the blue uniform, folks we have a problem. So let me give you some perspective on the Police side, and then some perspective on the other side, and then tie it together with my Faulty Context Theory and then, after de-obfuscating the communications breakdown, I will apply my communications parity equation to it, and see what possible approaches I can generate based on this understanding, but more importantly, if others can also utilize this tool on a local level, public and police, we might make some progress.  I would love to sit down with the Chief of police, the mayor, some members of the Keene State student body and local Free Staters to facilitate an earnest conversation, but I have neither the ties, credentials that so many folks demand, or even sometimes the energy to do so, I am stretched thin, overwhelmed, in need of help myself to get all the crap in my head out so I can manipulate it differently and use folks as the sounding board I need for healthy, rigorous thought.

Ok, so the police, contrary to popular belief among others, are not “Evil” but they are trying more often than not to be “Good”, and that is a false dichotomy that has repeatedly been stated many times over by great philosophers, religious figures, and scientists.  The problem with being “good” is that you are programmed to stop “evil”, and when the world is unable to communicate as it is right now, when you have to question your gut and fail to understand motivations, when you must act, naturally and rightly so, to value your own continued physical existence, you are going to make choices based on devaluing another, and sometimes they will be right, but often enough, since we have failed to understand each others context, it is going to be wrong. I do not believe in “Evil” people a la original sin, etc.  I believe in damaged children and traumatized adults, folks who stopped reaching out in a natural and healthy way for help, because they were different, broken, devalued.  Right now, folks want that immediate, concrete, black and white judgement a lot, and the Police force writ large tends to favor compartmentalized, solid, empirical thinking.  In fact, if you look at New Haven Connecticut, the courts have upheld the police forces right to deny a position for individuals deemed too intelligent. (1999 NY times article)  Now, from an empirical standpoint you certainly do not want to waste money and resources on individuals you assume will not be fulfilled at their job. But it is yet another false dichotomy, the notion that intelligent people would not find meaning in police work.  Far from the truth there, but yes, you want an authentic intelligent person, someone who has the drive and can show you earnestly that they are invested in this.  And if the police officer is of average intellect, make sure their drive and motivation is correct too. I am gonna side and paraphrase Buddha right here folks, we want our police force to understand right thought and right action, at the very least, mindfulness training would be very beneficial here, and it does not have to be given in a course that seems too touchy-feely, there are plenty of good approaches to mindfulness that appeal more readily to sort of macho world view, it is the delivery of the message, not the message itself that is often why it goes unheeded. So the police force does need official, serious, and earnest training in metacognition basically. Heck, I am pro-martial arts as being more represented in their training, but not just ones that rely on muscle memory, forms that ensure the mind and the body are acting as one, to take control of their fight or flight reflexes better.  Likewise, the Police should be trained in understanding how they personally think, so that they know consciously how their mind prefers to approach a problem, and be able to realize when their inherent way of thinking may not facilitate communication the best, we have to get past ego, be honest with ourselves, and comfortable in what we can do, everything else after that is growth.  And if you have mentally healthy police, able to better trust their guts, understand when a stereotype or over-inflated fear is creeping in, we will have more moral police, and police less focused on being “good”.  Likewise, when they have their baseline, and experience growth, the police officers will again be able to take more important, on the spot decisions, back into their hands, they should be teachers as much as a stern protectors, when a kid is just making an honest mistake, provide guidance through words and forgiveness, not rigid interpretation of jurisprudence. So our Police need help reconnecting with the community honestly, the Police above all really do need to learn how different we think, how many of us have been harmed, and they still have to deal with many existential threats, because the world is ill right now.  So when an officer gives into fear and hypervigilance and a tragedy, like the death of Michael Brown occurs, the conversation has to be deeper, and more inclusive, or we will continue to repeat these tragedies.  The public needs to understand, that we do hold our Police to a high standard, but when the Police cannot trust those they protect, when they must become hyper vigilant as a basic survival function, the public has to help them too, and we have to be able to forgive when they break under the burdens they place on themselves as well as those placed by society, they are fallible too, we need to talk not demean, devalue, and punish. Darren Wilson is going to have to forgive himself for giving into fight or flight before he can reach out and talk to those his actions have harmed.  He can hope the system protects him, it is designed too, officers are often in positions to make some very big, very tragic mistakes, and if, like medical professionals, every time there is a screw up their survival and livelihood is on the line, it becomes an existential threat, and then you fear taking accountability for a tragedy, a mistake, a lapse of judgement.  So now, you cannot admit a mistake, because if you do, those who rely on you suffer, it becomes a catch 22 for the Police, and it makes it almost impossible to talk.  We are obsessed with a punitive system instead of a system focused on helping undo the damage done to so many children all over the world, the Police become the symbol of that oppression, and oppression that folks well adjusted to the dominant paradigm do not see, because they just naturally do not think the same way, and we are failing to understand just how different we think, and thus human assumption becomes damaging, it devalues others even without intent, because so many folks assume the person thinks close to them, when the difference could be far more substantial.

As for the public, the angry youth screaming to be heard, the urgency made manifest in the form of what is essentially a temper tantrum.  And I do not mean to demean the feelings, emotions, and thoughts behind these actions, but when internalized frustration reaches the point of explosive outpouring, it is in fact, a temper tantrum.  A child throws a temper tantrum when frustrated, this can be due to a failure to get something they desire, we often assume this is all too often the case but it can be from failing to communicate, the words and actions they take are being misinterpreted, when your parents, the police, and other folks in authority cannot hear what the heck you are saying, the frustration mounts. There is a reason an autistic mind such as mine gave into physical outbursts, especially bashing my head, that action was frustration over communication, the action for me was self punishment because I internalized that something was wrong with me, that it was my way of thinking that was wrong.  And that was never the case, it was the failure to communicate because people did not understand remotely enough about my context, I was judged based upon our socio-cultural ways of learning, valuing, and knowing things…and I am maladaptive to our society at this time and place, and as a result of no ill intent from anyone, I was harmed.  My case tends to be an extreme, because my inherent epistemology is a rarer and very hyperfocused one, as my father drove into my head over and over again, the nail that sticks up gets hammered.  So right now, College kids for example are digital natives, this is far more important than just being more naturally fluent and adept with the application of virtual technologies, it also increases exposure to different ways of thinking.  The introverts of the world have found a voice online, and many extroverts enjoy the fruits of those labors as well, and outside of peer pressure at school due to a society and education system that devalues difference from the dominant paradigm, that prefers conformity over personal growth and endeavor, the younger generation, online, is learning that these different ways of thinking are not so bad. We can hop on YouTube and watch people do truly asinine stuff we would never do, but appreciate that some else did, shared it, and brought some joy to our lives.  But even the internet is riddled with mental illness, just try to be a female gamer on a competitive level, it is like walking into good ole boys club, it is sacred ground based on a false dichotomy that devalues the “feminine”, which is not even tied directly to biological sex, what we identify as “feminine” in our society are certain inherent ways of thinking, that are not restricted to one biological sex, it can happen in many. But, especially when I was a child and before that too, if you were not a good fit to the dominant paradigm, in my case “masculine”, you suffered for it, suffered for something you had no control over.  And many of our youth are despondent, fearful, the future that has been sold to them is a hollow, soul numbing, and un-fulfilling life for many, the drastically empirically skewed society writ large, capitalism and commerce, black and white, rich and poor, wealth instead of human endeavor, it is hell.  So, like so many other voices they scream to be heard, and are crying out to make room for other ways of being, knowing, living, loving, and laughing.  Our society is out of balance, no society that I am aware of has ever managed to make room for all inherent ways of learning, understanding, and knowing, and when things reach a critical mass, we end up with notions such as Marx saying revolution is the way because the dominant class will not commit class suicide.  Um…yeah, they shouldn’t and I would not expect them too, but they can be taught the importance and value of making room for other people who inherently think different, we do not need to overthrow anyone, that just replaces one dominant paradigm with another, we need to expand our paradigm to include a greater understanding of human context, holistically, writ freaking large.  So, this sea of voices, screams in frustration, visceral, earnest, not understanding fully why those in authority cannot hear what seems so obvious, but authority does not have to respond, once out of college the demands of the empirically-centric US paradigm will either silence you, break you, or spread you to thin, the numbers in the ranks thin, until a few are left standing where once there was a multitude.  That is not growing up, that is destroying the dreams of youth linked to an inherent way of thinking that may vary greatly from someone else’s. You do not need to give up the dreams of youth, you need to mature and place in better perspective those dreams, figure out how those dreams that may have been unrealistic on some level still bring you joy and informs you of your place in the world, and this is where a person’s endeavor will be strongest.

This is why Richard Branson can trust his personal team to take all the time off that they need, because he knows they are invested, their endeavor is what drives them, not just wealth or power, they are a team, a community of their own, as mentally healthy moral people, or just as people hurt but still devoted to a cause they find hard to truly attain, they will not let others shoulder burdens they can handle and they can ask for help when they need it, and when they have done great work, they can reward themselves, or take care of themselves in a healthy manner.  Work and play can become the same for many, it does not have to be rigidly separated out for some of us, I can work and play and switch it up readily when I find joy in both, my mind does not stop thinking about work when I am not in a work space, I am one of many who when I was in a scheduled shift job, took my work home with me every single day and tried to understand and trouble shoot problems, increase efficiency, that is something a lot of empirical thinkers and us logical rational types can agree on at times, I don’t want to be bogged down in mundane crap all the time, I want that to flow too, be productive, get it done, but my desire is not because I rely on the system to make sense of things, it is because I want to get that crap done as quickly as possible so I can move onto more cerebral tasks, like trying to define humanity’s context.   But the 9 to 5 job, that seems so sensible to some, is not just soul numbing, it is a waste of human endeavor, and folks that does impact wealth for those who see wealth as a measure of their value and success, because if you have a brilliant logical mind tied down to a cubicle who is just going through the motions, not only is that inefficient, it is a huge waste of an intellect better utilized in other ways.  We have to make room for more thinkers, more artists, more nurturers in the world, the folks who are not as obvious to society at large that there is value in what they “do”, and there is value in what they can’t do but others can, the artist fosters thought and feeling, they anchor us in reality while at the same time allowing us all to take a look at someone else’s inner world, honest, though metaphorical, communication, they should not starve ever, for this has value, it is just not easily quantified, and empirical fact-based society values the quantifiable over the qualitative, when the two need to be in balance, they are not separate or Alien modes of thought in any extreme, just some are more comfortable naturally with one or the other.  Sadly, marketing, a hugely immoral construct, uses many of the minds damaged by internalizing faulty ways of knowing to produce the capitalist based propaganda it is, it tries to create an artificial market for a product, it hijacks human enculturation processes to convince consumers to buy things they do not need, this is not longer supply and demand folks, that is addressed through advertising, marketing creates an artificial demand at the expense of individual and social mental health, it is not an art form as some have said, any more than torturing a human being is, it is immoral though, it is harmful, and sadly, there are plenty of marketing execs aware of this, but I digress.

So let me try and wrap this up, it is going way too long as usual.  My faulty context theory states that we have failed to adequately understand humanity’s and individual context and as a result we cannot find parity in communication. To do so we must understand that a person’s context is made up of both his/her personal and inherent way of thinking and the socio-cultural ways of knowing they have internalized in a healthy manner, though lies and ill health are informative, they are still inhibitory to conversation.  So when two people from say the US and China meet for business, if they know a bit about each other personally, not a lot just how the other side likes to approach problems, you can tailor the conversation appropriately for the two parties involved, you can foresee where there will be shortcomings as a result of culture or the fact that one is a logical vs empirical thinker, or one may be more cautious, prospecting, and analytical so more hesitant naturally to make firm assertions, but you also know, that when people who are cautious do make a strong assertion, that it can be with some truly stubborn conviction, they take the more circuitous route to understanding, but when they arrive at that conclusion, like my Faulty Context Theory, damn right we can become assertive, just took me a long time to get here, and that is easy to devalue, the fruits of my endeavor are so much harder to quantify, so much harder to assign some arbitrary wealth based value to in an attempt to subsist, for me it is going to be hit or miss, if I was not in the service the time my body began to fall apart, I would not have had a safety net that would have let me continue to learn and try to fix the damage done to me over the years, crap digressed again…  So, if both parties can find parity in communication because they understand, at least on a solid general level how the other thinks both inherently and culturally, you can communicate effectively, even if it can still be difficult.  I talk a lot about logical vs empirical thinking, that is because of my own inherent hard wiring favors logic to an extreme, it gives me a decent perspective to attempt to understand. But in day to day communication, it is the Judging personality that gives me the most trouble, not the empirical thinker, not the extrovert, not the feeling vs rational, I have trouble with folks who arrive quickly at a very black and white decision, so an Empirical and Judging personality, just rubs me raw, it is almost painful when they are damaged and cannot hear what I am saying, and that is a shame, because I then avoid them, and deny myself the fruits of their endeavor, I unintentionally devalue them, because that worldview is so foreign to me, we are all fallible, we all think in ways unique to us, but also share cultural contexts and there is still humanity writ large.  We are Aliens to each other, we need to stop the hostilities and learn to speak each other’s language, and that is our inherent and different ways of thinking and how we must expand society to enable self-determination for everyone in a moral form, with morality ruling over the false dichotomies of today, you can actually trust people to contribute to society, but folks that does not mean working a 9 to 5 and generating wealth. And I have faith we will not starve, because the great do’ers and nurturers and even my gimp ass will lend a hand to make sure folks don’t starve, because when we stop devaluing each other’s difference and see how it compliments and informs our own inherent gifts, we can trust each other, even when we get mad, confused, or frustrated, we can know in a real and healthy way, that it was a mistake, misunderstanding, accident, or miscommunication at fault, not “bad” people trying to cause harm, we must get past the animal reflexes of assuming we have to perceive difference as an existential threat, we just have to make room and accept difference, even when we don’t understand it. But when you spend all your time and efforts attacking and devaluing another person’s way of thinking, you draw lines in the sand, you stop communicating, we obfuscate our data and fail to understand clearly what we are seeing, we begin to medicate difference into oblivion so folks can be happy in the dominant paradigm, when all we really need to do, barring underlying neuropathy or damage, is to let people learn about objective reality in the way natural to their subjective way of viewing that reality.  We must allow people to find out how they think, find meaning in that, be able to grow off that baseline and become vibrant, happy members of society, instead of where we are now, when we see someone mentally healthy, happy and vibrant, and we think there is something wrong with them, this is dystopia right here, right now, but we can fix it, it is not insurmountable, it is just large, scary, unwieldy, and dire.  And we all will need to make sacrifices and we will all need to truly remember what it is to forgive, we have all harmed others, intentionally or not, we cannot take in all data we see, process it, and spit it out appropriately all the time, we are mortal, fallible, but we can do so much better than this, we can, we just need to find how we personally are wired to think, ensure our culture and societies can make room for these differences, and then we can have harmony, then we stand a chance of setting aside false dichotomies, and the potential for human growth at that point is astounding, and I will fear less the development of AI when we have proper context for humanity, I will fear less encounters with other intelligences as we move beyond our solar system, slow as a snail if needs be, we will still endeavor too, it is a species imperative at some point to get off this world and ensure our survival through the population of others, but a healthy human species will not do so at the expense of itself and other biomes, we will contaminate what we touch, that is natural, species come into conflict, but if humans can expand to accept all our differences, there is a better chance we can expand enough to include other intelligences, in some fashion, even if most of the time we play quietly in our own corners, we can still value each other, and if social creatures can expand to include other social intelligences, that will be yet another new stage in human/sentient development.  The hour is currently very late, there is fog on the streets and people cannot trust each other, but we need to equip all of ourselves with just a bit of enlightenment, enough that together we can burn away the fog, put the monsters of our collective imagination to bed, and see each other, honestly and with compassion for the first time.  Thanks again to all who manage to read this, I know there are so many points, triangulated correlations that I just did not manage to integrate into this, the expansive pattern of my logic is simply to overwhelming for me to get out in a concise, usable format at this time, which is why I blog and post, because this is how I learn and how I ask for help with my obsession, the definition of human context, no less than exposing the collective spirit of humanity, and I am bound to fail on the grand scheme I think, hubris to think otherwise, but even if I fall short of the vaunted goal, my efforts do have value, they do shed light on things we have data for but are not quite understanding, because of a notion of faulty context. Take care all and be well.


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