Dystopia is Now (realized I needed to google the original reference, knew I was not a first to it)

So I am working on polishing my communication skills, it is hard to grasp the sheer simplicity of my Faulty Context theory, it is a massive logical construct of thought, I had to dare to challenge Anthropology, my undergraduate educational background, on the grounds that their vaunted efforts at holism, were falling far short, because the empirical stranglehold has skewed and obfuscated our understanding so badly, that what one calls grandiose, could be not other way for me.  So I sought holism, in all things, all places, so many studies, so many theories, so many voices, but out of this mass of narrow lensed desperation, there is a pattern, my theory, which is withstanding more and more assaults by feedback, but it is still such a narrow bubble.

So let me put this plain, when you think you understand that people really think different, you are probably only a bit more than half right.  Why? Even when a person is in-authentic, they do not know their inherent way of knowing aka epsistemology, the socio-cultural factors dominate, and in the current dystopian world paradigm, and I mean that, we live in dystopia now, the damaged inherent way of thinking puts on the guise of what society deems acceptable.  So you are reading a part of that person based on a shared contextual understanding, our socio-cultural epistemologies, let alone sensory epistemologies and a few others, but that context allows some communication, but if one is being forced to live life against that way they inherently learn, the communication is limited, it is in fact shallow, even if the in-authentic person does not see it.  I am unsure how to truly convince people who have not found their wetworks wiring, that you do in fact, read, hear, and see things…wrong. at times.  To maintain the sense of identity that allows you to “function” in society is a tremendous weight and burden, I would argue with an empirically testable affect on things like metabolism, a correlation between obesity, depression, and I would argue a tendency to seek out foods that act on the dopamine receptors, such as high gluten comfort foods, many dairy, etc.  It does not mean, jump on a psuedoscience bandwagon and avoid all natural opiates in the world, they are throughout our diet, but it informs us, that something as simple as being forced to give up the dreams of youth and replace it with a method of subsistence that does not allow you find your true joy in life, can have far reaching implications.

Now, as I have said before, but want to reiterate, this is a logical construct based on a tremendous amount of correlations that have begun to fit together, the data backing up most of this starts with me triangulating, if one of my ideas cannot withstand three simple applications to correlative situations, then I discard or sideboard it.  I do not assume, ever, that I have all the answers, but I have a mighty tool with which to shed light on so many problems in the world today.  And I am not the first, probably far far far from the last to say similar things in different ways.  But seriously, find the person you lost when you became an adult, find what was natural maturation and experience, and what was forced on you.  The sucky part is, when you find that, you have to get it out, and then you have to re-evaluate your life and choices, forgive yourself and others for so much accidental bullshit, and then find a way to live your joy and as you do so, if you do get this, that joy should never be at another’s expense; humor, criticism, even simple observations, need context, or else they cause harm, our conversations need context.  This is why Ricky Gervais and Emma Watson got to have a moment, a teachable moment to me; even though some folks readily get Ricky’s context as a comedian, the minute the words became a tweet, he lost a part of his context, something that can be restored with a simple emoticon or =P. When we habituate an understanding that we inherently handle the data we receive from object reality differently, that our worldview is in part, always subjective because we cannot take in through our senses all of object reality, then we have a chance at communicating. We can find parity in my equation: Authentic Personal Epistemology + Socio-cultural epistemologies on both sides of a debate or negotiation, with each other’s context known, allows for parity in communication, and there may not always be an easy solution, but we can respect each other on those principals and differences, and if we respect those differences earnestly, we can get through. So toocommunicate first “to thine own self be true” and then understand you socio-cultural epistemologies, adapt as required to survive, but keep the pressure for change on.  Likewise. do not demeans someone’s feelings when you are rational, do not mistake the rational for uncaring, do not value empirical learning models in the school and home over the ways a logical and intuitive child might learn, we need to make room, and yes some old thought patterns will “lose” as progress marches on, but with social media, which I still suck at using properly, we can take the time, for some of us it may be the first time, to truly listen, with an understanding of how your brain filters what another brain gives you, and that those brains can favor certain functions over others, not fault just difference.

So when I say we live in a dystopia right now, we do, because right now the dominant approaches to handling mental illness is to find drugs and chemicals that make the persons hardwired neurology operate other than intended.  So I say again, if a person can take basic care of themselves and function socially when the understand their wiring, if people can live an authentic life (still feels weird me using these terms that once made me shudder) than the only time medication is needed, is when an underlying biological issue or physical trauma causes harm to these simple functions, all else is obfuscation, all else is the intolerance of difference and a failure to make room for differently wired wetworks, what a shame folks, a tragedy we could not have known, until those who dare dream, those who are not grounded in the day to day tasks, have had proper room to let their brilliant and beautiful minds fly.  There are too many obstacles in day to day life for many of us, time as currency is damaging to many, the notion that our work is our identity is a flawed connection to a subjective and human created notion of wealth. It is human endeavor at work and at home, in all aspects of one’s life, done with an understanding of how you think and what your society values, and if there is room for all of us to subsist, to not have to always worry about being down in the trenches, then human potential can be tapped, mental illness becomes manageable, but if people cannot hear the words, if the in-authenticity prevents understanding, then those of us who do, have to act, we must let progress work it’s inevitable toll on the crumbling foundations of faulty worldviews and context, we must clear out the detritus we internalized that justifies us harming, denying, or demeaning others.

Dystopia still prevails for now, for this little communications equation of mine has an evil fraternal twin, the individual or group that get’s it’s context and knows the other party does not get their’s, but instead of trying to change the world, let the world continue on it’s way, the indifference of those well-adjusted to a certain cultural way of thinking and subsisting, who understands not everyone has the same chances, the same privilege, be that socio-economic, sex, sexual orientation, physical characteristics of beauty, race, and ethnicity, and a host of other little ways people wrack up privilege over another, it’s a race to the top, but a lot of us want a different top than that, and we need to be allowed to do just that.  So indifference is costly, but so much of what we see today is a result of blinders humanity keeps putting on, in a sense we have to, it feels like we are being blamed for things we never did, but you still may be part of. We must forgive ourselves first, we must work past things like white guilt, or other trauma really, for when it dawns on you that you truly did continue to contribute to a gross injustice, it sucks, it really does, but we have to know, contrary to what we are told, that not all actions and decisions we make in life are our own, sometimes it is the voice of whoever beat it into you, or the dominant notion of society that tells you how to be a “man” or a “woman”, that based on the color of your skin and a media bias towards the negative.  I see a lot of folks dismiss fluff pieces for example, “must be  a slow news day”, sounds to me like a bad addiction, I know, I still struggle every day to read the good articles with the bad, but the bad is less common than the good, it shocks us more, stands out more, but it also gives us a distorted view of object reality.  And when we internalize this stuff, we create our own proverbial hell, the dominant paradigm can earnestly try and fix things with medications and such, but it misses the point, that we are allowed to think differently, it is not a flaw, it is difference, and that bit of difference is what allows humanity to progress, even without an immediate existential threat, our thoughts, desires and curiosity drive us forward, we are simply not fated from birth to all think the same and thus we take different paths and we confound each other constantly as to why, we need each other’s damn personal context, without it, we have mis-communication, confusion, pain, and suffering.  As much as I respect Sidhartha the Buddha, I do not see the cessation of desire being a realistic goal for folks who are grounded in object reality, the problem is when desire overshadows our social and community dynamics that it is a problem.  Many aspire to think as him, to embrace the life he saw, and that quest is noble, but it is forever unique as well, and some minds will never seek such internal riches, for the here and now is what makes sense to them, I do not de-value that, but damn it, stop trying to force me to live it.


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