Getting into this…kinda

So, my last post was so jargon filled and logical, that I feel, by it’s nature, must alienate some folks from reading. Granted, there are tons of folks who won’t want to read this, it is not how they learn about objective reality.  So for awhile, I think I am going to just do some freethinking, let the chaos of my thoughts find some tangible form, see what sort of sounding boards decide to chime up, including internet Trolls, damn I love having some fun with internet Trolls, a lot of the time they are polar opposites of me, or a lot like me and just damaged, unable to find that faulty logic inside themselves that results from being maladaptive to the society they are born in. So right now I have been making a bibliography of musical artists who have informed me of different and similar ways of thinking, as much as some of my academic pursuits. For example, my faulty context theory has a call for a solution in much of Lorde’s music at this moment, for example “Team”, it reflects very accurately about what people find value in and how different we are, but that it is truly a failure to identify just how different we are too each, that we are on the same team and we just can’t seem to realize it, and with so much trauma built up, it is so very hard to see clearly, the scar tissue around our eyes and ears is extensive, we fail to process other people’s earnest beliefs and inherent ways of knowing, because when it goes through our own filter, without proper context, the context we put it in will be biased, inaccurate, and badly misinformed. If you look at how badly more logical and rational cultures misjudge the United States reactions, inciting us when often one would expect fear or intimidation, likewise one can see why Russia and the US are much more cautious, we understand each other better, even with our differences and thus better understand the possible outcomes of some actions. So, I will continue to come back to this notion of faulty context, that if we cannot truly understand how another person, group, or culture does truly understand what we call reality very differently, but it makes sense, no one is capable of taking in the entirety of reality, we can only see and relate to bits and pieces we experience or we share with each other. And since we have failed up to this point to truly get where we are coming from, we have kept the fire’s burning, as the wise Billy Joel pointed out, we did in fact not start the fire, but if we take the time to take stock of our own ways of learning and that of others, understand what one person may think is an insult might just in fact be an earnest and even naive attempt at communicating something valuable, we might just make it.  A good example is when someone might say I hijack a topic by bringing up things about myself, it may to some seem egocentric, making the conversation about myself, where from my perspective I am attempting to establish rapport and parity with them by giving them some context on a personal experience as it relates to them. Pretty big misunderstanding in just reading a few sentences, one seems to originate from a narcissistic need to make it about them and the other making it an honest heartfelt attempt to communicate, and if we fail to understand that difference, we fail to properly communicate.  Well a bit more of my thoughts, object reality demands I must continue to subsist properly to let the ole noodle continue to run at peak efficiency. Take care and be well.


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