Aliens to Each Other

LIFE’S WORK:  right here, distilled to a less than stellar 15 minutes, but I am a verbose bugger, it was a solid attempt.

Gift of the LaughingShadow (no longer available, i killed it)

I am asking all my friends to take the time to look at it, and please do share even if you do not fully understand or agree, because many will, and when you truly get what I am saying it is gut punch folks.  My theory, which is nothing more than an integration of so many varied ideas from so many varied sources it is almost impossible for me to begin to remember every source, I am a great thinker, it is what I do and like a great author or artist, I too steal, and then I integrate. What my theory tells us in short is that we have failed to define a sentient individuals context properly in any culture, that some of us are born who think so differently that we are maladaptive to our family or social context and as a result of misunderstanding and great tragedy we cause great harm, and mental illness is a reflection of this, why some refugees settle into small enclaves instead of just assimilating, how dire our need to begin to understand all the different ways people think. For goodness sake, I can come up with a hypothesis to potentially (maybe even now) test for the ability to see auras…sounds hokey as hell to a lot of us, but if someone is very intuitive, reads people’s faces and body language easily, is most likely very feeling, but I am not gonna say 100%, but is also very visual in their own minds, then yes, their own internal filter could in fact render a visual representation of what they are intuitively noticing about another person. So when we isolate the parts of the mind that are associated with these, and then do some scans of folks who say they see auras, who could potentially say it is plausible. This is but a single, kinda fun and silly example, of truly just how different we think.  I have a ton of labels on me, some would be shocked to hear some and others not shocked at all, I am autistic by the current understanding of the term for example, as my videos explains a bit of, but the behaviors you see from us, barring environmental factors and birth defects that influence how we think, most of what we see and think is often a misunderstanding. Look for Susan Cain’s TED talk on introversion, look at John Oliver’s unrelenting logic, and look to the internet, where I too have turn, a place that must stay neutral so introverts and maladaptives have a forum to search for people they find parity with.  This is too much text as usual, I will post more videos soon if folks think my insights are worth hearing, I earnestly hope so, my life is about communicating, something that took my entire life to be able to do, because I just never fit it, I never got the context.  As someone who is inherently logical, rational, cautious, and ever seeking harmony over depth of feeling….I love you all, but only slightly =P


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