About that first post…and apparently a whole lot on Logic and Empiricism.

So that first post is a cut and paste of something I was going to put on facebook, but my much more grounded wife highly recommended I place more of my intellectual “property” here.  Which to me, is rather amusing, I know I need to make a living, I am tired of being just another disabled veteran (non-combat if folks are wondering), I want to use my my mind to continue to understand how we communicate and how truly different we are. It can be so hard to get folks to understand that we are Aliens to each other, especially if we don’t truly know how they think. This is made so much worse, when people all over do not know how they themselves truly think. At the moment I am sort of mucking around with the Jungian models and the Myers-Briggs test, I have mostly have issue with some wording, easy enough, mostly nuance and semantics, but also believe it misses a huge component to how people think, and that is how we manipulate sensory data within our own minds, this too is going to impact how we think, interact with people and learn.  As I understand it is right now, I think prefer to think of “Energy” for example as a mis-identification of how we build schema and learn, I think that the energy component exists because there is a metabolic connection to doing what we find joy in by learning through our on inherent intuition/logical or observant/empirical epistemology, it feels natural and easy, likewise when one is forced to learn in ways contrary to how they build their own schema, there is in a sense a bit of mental illness, it depresses the metabolism, much like introversion/extroversion can be seen to have metabolic components, I am so going to forget to get back to this but trying hard to avoid a tangent, so back to what I call logical vs empirical and how I conceptualize the difference in the building of schema. The empirical mind as I understand it, which is not my inherent paradigm, sooooo correct me if you see a flaw, please, that is good stuff. I digress, as usual, so the empirical mind learns, metaphorically by building cognitive constructs essentially from the bottom up, as they learn new things and build new structures they then connect them together…kinda like Minneapolis come to think of it =P These structures are, for a healthy empirical thinker very sound, well thought out, but the approach used it what we often see as A,B,C,D thinking, since their way of processing data and information relies on building these very solid, wonderful cognitive structures, they thrive in concrete, focused learning environments. On the other hand, the logical mind builds their schema, not in ordered structures surrounding them (thinking inside the box so to speak) but from themselves outwards in an every expanding constantly changing “pattern” of logic, often times we logical folks will offend folks who think empirically or make them feel less intelligent when we quickly point out flaws, possibilities we see, because our fundamental way of processing data means we are constantly seeking new information, new thoughts, new ideas into our schema, we are capable therefore of jumping around and not just going through an empirical building process, but this is difference, nothing more. The disadvantage of the logical mind is that we are less grounded in object reality than the empirical mind, we remember the pattern of things but not the fine detail often, we forget names, dates, and find a bibliography a horrifying notion at times when your more logical than anything else, as is my case. Crap, Piaget again, schema, not an original thought, I steal remember? I see patterns, metaphorically, I am mind blind as heck, to fake sight reading music I used my eyes to translate the notes kinesthetically by moving them up and down; it um kinda works? But in regards to patterns I therefor see the world in an expansive ever changing and fluid pattern, as I learn new things I bounce them off this massive, often seemingly chaotic, logical framework.  This allows the logical mind to very quickly identify flaws, to deconstruct things.  So we have…difference, a fairly substantial difference, and this is one of many things that informs me that different societies begin to select against certain other inherent ways of thinking, the result is mental illness, barring an underlying neuropathy, damage, environmental damage, etc. It is a sign of either trauma being past down in a family and internalized, or a culture itself that does not get your personal context and how you do, truly think very differently.  I am going to stop here, object reality is tugging me back, and I am all sorts of jargon using right now and that is not a great way for me to communicate, gotta work on that.


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